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Sample: Sales Letter

Telling your story is the best way to connect with potential clients. It shows you have been there, cut the path, and can show them the way through. 

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Hi!  I’m Barbara Hoffer, and I’m passionate about your having more than enough energy for enjoying each day of your life.

As a personal trainer and movement coach, I work with individuals who value their bodies, and want to keep them as healthy and active as possible. I love helping people who can see that over-work, over-stress, and other out-of-balance behaviors are not requirements for a successful life.  In fact, fun and vitality are the keys to abundance and productivity. 

I had to learn this the hard way. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Until then, I’d never really stopped to assess how frequent travel had left my nervous system and body a wreck. Work had worn me down and worn me out.

Once I learned how to balance my work and life, I wanted others to know how to care for their bodies, rather than wait until they had a life threatening diagnosis.

When I came back to work, I invited people to join me in walking groups. I began leading seminars about the emotional side of work, the importance of moving forward with passion and balance of life. I am certified in teaching Pilates and yoga, as well as creating personal and group vitality programs.

Today, I offer vitality at work wellness programs, individual programs and provide support in community to foster work-life balance.  Sustainable vitality is a daily practice, and it’s a lot more fun with a coach.

Contact me today for a complimentary vitality check up. Imagine feeling younger as you age with energy to spare. I am here to help you make the whole you fit for life. 

To your vitality,


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