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What I Offer & How to Work With Me

Cutting-Edge Professional Content Creation & Copywriting

Office Work

Develop Strategic Messaging & SEO

You can't attract customers if you don't know who they are. I'll take you through a 2-hour discovery session where we will solidify your knowledge of your perfect customer. Then I'll send this info to my SEO team for analysis. We'll find the best words, and weave them into your all your content and copy.

Design a Sales Funnel & a Campaign to Fill It

If you don't already have one, I'll help you develop a Sales Funnel that move customers from just liking you to really loving you. Then we'll build a campaign to fill your funnel.


Create Content & Execute the Plan

Once we know who your perfect target audience is, and what we want them to do, we are ready to write copy and create content that moves potential clients into motivated customers.

Measure Success, Adjust &

Along with you campaign, we'll develop tools for measuring the success of your content and its delivery and landing. And as you offer new products and services, we can use historical information to help develop new ideas succeed. 

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